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Kink Empire

If I were to tell you that there was a latex mafia, you would probably laugh,  smile politely or likely raise an eyebrow and go about your day.  And that would be fair because to the average person latex is simply the stuff that medical gloves and Katy Perry’s dress’s are made out of. But there is a growing market of people who are interested in exploring the idea of latex clothing. And for this market there are a number of big players (designers, suppliers, and retailers) One of these up and coming players is a company called Kink Engineering owned and run by Marika.

At the start of September, Montreal Fetish Weekend a week long festival / party was held. Much like any convention there are panels, workshops and of course parties of which the majority have come to enjoy. But for the players this is one of the big local networking events of the year. Marika being a good friend of mine, asked if I wanted to join and maybe do some fashion photography of which I was more than happy to oblige. As well with this opportunity I wanted to document some of the behind the scenes of the little known world of latex clothing.

MFW BTS sml-1
Marika resting with her fiancé Douglas after arriving in Montreal from Toronto before the first of 3 big weekend parties.


MFW BTS sml-3
Getting ready for the Friday night party with temporary flat mates Larassa and Ryver.


MFW BTS sml-6
Saturday morning, The first of a number of photoshoots booked for the day. Holy Scar getting prepped in Kink Engineering’s new men’s line.


MFW BTS sml-8
Make-up artist Ryver Vande Pol getting co temp flatmate and model Jessi Van Miinx ready for her up and coming shoots for the day.

MFW BTS sml-13
Matta shooting Cherry Bambaroxo for Latex Envy magazine showing off some new Kink Engineering products.

MFW BTS sml-30
Catching up with emails between obligations.


MFW BTS sml-31
Relaxing and trying to keep cool in the loft with the unusually hot weather in Montreal reaching to the mid 30’s.

The following is the result of some of the fashion shoots I did that weekend.
Julia MFW-5 smlB

Yuliya modeling her own dress design (

MFW BTS sml-11

Jessi Van Miinx helping me test out some of my lights. (

KE Scar-3 sml tag
Holy Scar modeling Kink Engeering’s new line of clothing (