by admin, December 31, 2017 , In Cosplay

Cosplay: Best of 2017

I photographed so many super inspiring people in the strange little world of cosplay. Here’s some of my favorite over 2017.
Looking forward to trying new ideas and new directions in 2018!

Lady Nikoru as Widowmaker by Henchment Studios
Holly Wolf as Zelda Blackwater Cosplay as Vanessa Vancleef
Shiro Cosplay
Ytristani and Tpow027 as Korra and Asami
Blackwater Cosplay as Sera
Kate as Trinity
Blackwater Cosplay as EDI
Pocket Monster as D-Va
Poisonne as 2B by Henchmen Studios
Kassandra Love as Spider Gwen
Melting Mirror Cosplay as Spring Sawsbuck
Jurii Li as Wonder Woman

Stormtrooper from the Canadian Garrison of the 501st.