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Anime North Moments 2016

Over 30,000 people attend Anime North, A fan-run anime convention where people dress in costume to see bands, DJ’s, guest, artist, play video games¬†and take selfies. While I was taking photos much like everyone else I turned my focus again to trying to capture the feel of actually being there. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to go to an Anime Convention to someone who doesn’t go to these things. There’s an excitement in the air that my words fail to capture but hopefully the following photos can give you a glimpse.



AN 2016-171714There are cosplay meet ups where cosplayers who are all dressed as characters from a similar show or video game with gather to take pictures of each other. Depending on what is popular that year will draw huge crowds.
AN 2016-0034Walking the long walk from the parking lot to the convention area.
AN 2016-0001Cosplayers migrating from one convention location to another. for some reason huge props seemed to be a theme this year.
AN 2016-9991Parking lot to convention.
AN 2016-0207Selfies as the characters do from Zootopia.
AN 2016-0136Fluids were valued like gold on one of the hottest Anime North’s in recent memory.
AN 2016-0101Taking a moment and enjoying the Air Condition .
AN 2016-0092Friends taking a moment in front of the Convention hall. Often people would show up and hang with friends outside all day long with out ever buying a pass to go inside the conventions.
AN 2016-0188A spectator cautiously scouting the reptile booth.
AN Lolita 2016 (92 of 126)Media taking pictures at one of the lolita events during the convention.
AN 2016-0276Cosplaying late into the night as the DJ’s get on stage

AN 2016-0346
AN 2016-4999
AN 2016-4981