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2016 Year in review

2016 was challenging, but I’m happy that I was able to make the best of the opportunities that I had. I’m looking even more forward to taking what I built in 2016 and applying it to even more exciting projects in 2017.

Here’s a small sample of the fun projects that I worked on this year.

A story I did for Vice Canada about Milla Reika, an Australian rope bondage master.
Milla Reika-1263
This was a project I did that introduced me to the stunningly talented and hard working albinwonderland

Dark Beauty
That time Veronica Vile and I collaborated to get published on Dark Beauty Magazine

DB Rachel - 4 sml

Kotaku 1/2
I’ve been working on this Project with Kiga and Kink Engineering and was super excited when Kotaku decided to publish it.
EDI-0570 sml tag

Kotaku 2/2
Another project that I’ve been working on for some time was Cosplayer: Two sides of the same coin. Showing both sides of a cosplayer that I was excited to also be published by Kotaku.
Below Poisonne
bre-cosplay-coin-2386-sml ryuuko-cas-2618-smlr

Streets of Japan
I took a month off in the spring to capture some of the beauty of the land I lived in for 5 years and see how it changed.
Streets of Japan-1953 Streets of Japan-4007 Streets of Japan-7143 Streets of Japan-4661 ben-title-0064